Tver State Museum, Tver, Russia (formerly Kalinin, Soviet Union)

A. Komerova: “The first to come is an artist” Kalininskaya Pravda – 10/03/1989 (partial translation)

Within the lines of exchange between our regional center (Tver/Kalinin) and Eastern Washington, USA, Mr. Ronald Short is visiting. Mr. Short has brought 13 works of art to Kalinin. People involved in art are called upon to help strengthen relations between peoples and brighten their lives with spiritual values. That is why we think the first to come was a painter. This has special meaning.

“The first four days in Kalinin, meeting with the Soviet people and artists, has been so wonderful that words I lack to in order to express my excitement and impressions. I want to spend this month in Kalinin not simply as a guest but to further our humanity and understanding, and better understand Soviet art and society,” stated Short.

A more detailed interview with Mr. Short will be published in one of our future issues. But right now, we invite all those who appreciate true expression in art to visit the exhibition of the American guest. Official opening at 12:00 in the Exhibition Hall, Sovietska Street 54.